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Our PEMF Machines

Magna Wave PEMF devices are the perfect personal and professional solution for the everyday user.

Our products are designed to comprise a complete solution for improving your well-being. All the while being easy to apply – you can literally use them watching T.V. 

Magna Wave has eight attachments to choose from. Each attachment shapes to your client and their needs. It is so easy that your clients can treat themselves!

Medical Professionals

Good human care includes vitamins, exercise, and good nutrition. These habits provide for a healthy immune system and help avoid getting sick. Insufficient exercise or stress from performance and diet complications depletes energetic balance. Cells no longer function correctly. This situation leads to poor circulation, declining performance, premature aging, and degenerative diseases. To potentially reclaim the body’s natural state of health; cell function needs to be restored. Routine use of Magna Wave pulsed magnetic energy is said to improve the body’s ability to repair cells and recover from illnesses, improve health and creates a longer life span.

  • If you are committed to offering your clients the best possible PEMF therapy, I highly recommend that you choose the Magna Wave system. I completed Magna Wave Certification in February 2016. The program consists of a total of 51 well presented, clear, informative and highly applicable modules: 25 on equine, 16 on human and 4 on small animal therapies, and 6 on anatomy. The quality of the presentations in the Certification preparatory course is excellent. Once certified, a practitioner is eligible to join a highly active and interactive Practitioners Group. I can’t praise the group enough. One can anticipate an almost immediate response to any question or concern from the both the Magna Wave staff as well as from experienced practitioners. Useful information and inspirational success stories are shared there. The group has the most wonderful spirit of camaraderie and strong mutual support. Additionally, Magna Wave offers frequent hands-on training sessions. The annual Magna Wave Practitioners conference is an extremely well organized and engaging event. I have found the Magna Wave staff to be very responsive in all my interactions with them whenever I have had any questions or concerns. Most importantly, my experience with the Magna Wave team is that they without fail demonstrate the highest degree of integrity and fidelity to the mission of providing the best pEMF equipment, support and service possible. Their commitment to providing the best possible benefit through PEMF to the wellbeing of humans and “creatures great and small” is exemplary. For all this and the very gratifying results I get using it, I have been completely confident that the Magna Wave PEMF System was a great choice.

    Robin Coleman
    Robin Coleman MD


Magna Wave PEMF currently has 3 clinical trials. Our equipment is used worldwide and the benefits of PEMF are proving to grow with each trial.

In other countries, PEMF has been a mainstream therapy for over 30 years. There have been over 2800 clinical trials completed using many different PEMF devices in many different countries, all with positive results. Our devices are CE (Human) approved in Europe and 127 other countries.


Our Ringer Single PEMF devices are made and manufactured in the United States and set the example of global standards. As leading innovators in our field with ground breaking equipment, our PEMF machines propels ahead of the competition.

We are not done yet! Magna Wave PEMF is continually working with clinics and doctors around the globe to advance the power of Magna Wave PEMF technology.


Want to experience our products? We have Practitioners around the world. Magna Wave Practitioners are trained and well versed in the PEFM technology. Click on the link below and find all of the Practitioners in your area. You can also view each Practitioner’s Magna Wave website and see their specialties.

Veterinary Application

PEMF devices aren’t just used on humans, there is a great benefit for pets, horses, and animals of all kinds.

Your horse will make you happy and inspire you. No wonder, then, that you do everything you can to make sure that you are doing well – because then you are all right. The BEMER’s new Veterinary Line supports you every day: with devices which have been precisely adapted to the needs of the sport.

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